Using Options To Buy Langley Real Estate!

Ever find yourself asking what the best way to reduce risk is Well there are many investment strategies that are used to meet the increasing demands of the sellers. So structure a deal to fit the goals of the buyer, and the seller. The best single strategies to use is the use of options. When you use an option you maximize potential of profit, and reduce risk to your purchase. You are essentially buying time to allow a right for purchase at today’s agreed upon price in today’s market. In exchange for this right you must give some consideration. Here’s the advantage. If you use an option you have one hundred percent control of the situation. For example, if you pay a property owner $10,000 for the option to buy his or her property at the end of 18 months, you shall truly benefit from this arrangement. In today’s Fraser Valley Real Estate market there’s a good chance it will go up in value. You will cash in on this price increase. Options give you time. Clear, clean and simple! In real estate, you want to have time on your side whenever possible. You’ll only need to come up with a small amount of money in order to gain with limited risk.

What if you don’t have five or ten thousand for a down payment

You can use sweat equity to purchase real estate with zero cash. What is sweat equity This is when you are a skilled individual and you are doing something to improve the value of the property you want to purchase. Say you find a house that needs some cosmetic work done. For Example, if you paint the property, that improvement will likely increase the value of the property. Understand that mostly any investment property in the Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland and all other area’s of Greater Vancouver are capable of adding value to a property through some from of sweat equity. Ask yourself what your talents are and what you can accomplish. You can use this form of equity to capitalize on using it as part or all of your down payment. When you approach the owner of a property you must assure him or her that the work will be done quickly. Simple fixing up, new paint, new landscaping, Front Door and other added changes can boost the value of the property overnight! Selling your sweat equity talents might require you to be a good sales individual. Remember you must have confidence in what you are doing. However, and aggressive sales person is often a turn off. Often the low-key approach works well. If you have examples of your past work, this is the time to show it off! If you agree to fix up the sellers apartment building, paint the walls, redo the landscaping, give the option to buy at the end of 18 months at today’s price. Ask him or her, “what do you have to loose”. The answer is nothing! This is just one way to show a win-win situation. If your ready to risk your time and effort to increase the value of the property, the seller will sometimes see your point of view.…